Thursday, September 6, 2012

BOA Field Museum Trip!

BOA Field Museum Trip was a great success!

Thank you to the following people for showing up!

Josiah Han
Chaitra Kishore
Masood Qader
Alethea Appavu
Parth Soni
Zamaan Sohel
Hari Sreedhar
Luke wilimitis
Namrata saha
Steven taylor
Briana Crockett
Elmir Arad

We'll have many activities lined up for you all year round.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1st GBM Recap

For our first GBM of Spring 2012, we introduced some new plans we have in the works for the upcoming semester. These include:

  • Research Workshops
  • EWH Kit-Building workshops
  • Visits to high schools to discuss bioengineering at UIC
  • Casino Night
  • End of Semester Awards
  • A revamped dedication to bringing our members many activities
  • T-shirts!!
  • Guest speakers from: Research, industry, and pre-med
We are also looking to expand our AEMB membership, acquire more tutoring volunteers, receive art projects for display and awards, and get OSLP through its web of loopholes.

If you have any questions, email and we will respond to you in very short notice! Hope everyone has a great semester!

EWH/BOA: First Kit building session - February 9, 2012!

Engineering World Health (EWH) and Bioengineering Organizational Alliance (BOA) will be holding our first kit building session on Thursday, Feb 9th 4-6pm in SEL 4018.

We will be building electro-surgery unit testers, a rare and important tool for health care facilities in developing countries.

More details after the jump!

Monday, December 19, 2011

BOA Program: Activities Program

Social events for bioengineers to network, relax, and simply have fun during the grind of each semester.

UIC is a commuter school. Activities and social events act as the glue that holds BOA together; the lowest common denominator of all BOA members.

On-Campus activities:
Game Nights (PS3/XBOX 360/ etc)
Poker Night

Off-Campus activities:
Six Flags
Body Worlds
Paint balling
Millennium Park Ice Skating

Check out our previous Event Photos!

BOA Program: OSLP

The mission of OSLP is to create a free and open laboratory environment for bioengineering undergraduates to practice laboratory skills, rehearse basic protocols, and collaborate on research ideas with others throughout their entire undergraduate tenure. OSLP aims to enhance and upgrade the bioengineering teaching laboratories at UIC, keep them open year-round, and offer free research supplies and training to any undergraduate interested in our mission.

OSLP aims to promote:
  • Researching
  • Creativity
  • Networking
  • Exploring
  • Learning

BOA Program: BVP

The mission of the UIC Bioengineering Volunteering Program (BVP) is to promote the field of bioengineering to students who have yet to enter college and to make positive contributions across the Chicagoland community. By presenting to high schools and offering hands-on laboratory sessions on UIC’s campus, BVP aims to instill knowledge, comprehension, interest, and intuition of what the field of bioengineering entails, its spectrum of applications, and the dynamic impact it has on society. The future of engineering and medicine relies on the young minds of today, making it imperative that students are exposed to the possibilities that accompany bioengineering at an early age. Furthermore, we aim to offer community service opportunities to all UIC bioengineers who wish to dedicate their time and efforts into making a difference in society.

Check out the three branches of BVP:

BOA Program: BioE Tutoring Program

Struggling in classes? Get help from a fellow Bio-engineer!

A detailed tutoring schedule and dedicated room for tutoring is set up on our website and can be updated instantaneously.

BOA is looking for excelling students who are interested in becoming tutors for their fellow BIOE students in the areas of Math, Science, and Engineering